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Stainless Welding Consumable


MENAM is the Thailand leading Stainless Steel Welding over 23 Years. Nowadays we export Stainless Steel Welding wire to all over the world under MENAM Brand and OEM Brand.


Our Welding Product

  • – Stainless Steel MIG Wire (Solid Wire)
  • – Stainless TIG Rod
  • – Stainless Steel Automotive Exhaust welding wire

MENAM supply welding wire in various welding grades e.g.

ER308 ER308L ER308LSi
ER309 ER309L ER309LSi
ER309Mo ER310 ER310S
ER312 ER16-8-2  
ER316 ER316L ER316LSi
ER316JIL ER317 ER317L
ER321 ER347 ER430
ER410 ER307Si Others

Stainless Steel Welding Consumable

Available Size Range:

Stainless MIG Welding Wire (MIG Wire)

  • 0.80 mm.
  • 0.90 mm.
  • 1.00 mm
  • 1.20 mm.
  • 1.60 mm.

Weight per Bobbin  :: 5 kg. / 12.5 kg / 15.00 kg.

Bobbin /Spool Type :: S300 / BS300 / BS200

Stainless TIG Welding Wire (TIG Rod)

MENAM TIG Rod different from others with consistency high quality certified by ISO9001: 2008. Grades are embossed at TIG Rod ends avoid any mistake of mixing grades.

Available Size Range:

  • 1.00 mm. x  1000 mm. (1 Meter)
  • 1.20 mm. x  1000 mm. (1 Meter)
  • 1.60 mm. x  1000 mm. (1 Meter)
  • 2.00 mm. x  1000 mm. (1 Meter)
  • 2.40 mm. x  1000 mm. (1 Meter)
  • 3.20 mm. x  1000 mm. (1 Meter)

Besides, MENAM is Thailand No. 1 “Exhaust welding wire” in grades ER430LNb, ER316Ti. We supplied our welding wire to many automotive manufacturer with TS 16949 Certified.

Newest MIG welding Wire from MENAM. “Fighter”.
Stainless MIG Welding Wire (308L) and Filler Wire (304) provides high welding performance with affordable cost.

“Fighter” MIG Welding Wire
-Offer strong welding joint
-Good Weldability
-High performance at competitive price
-High productivity
-suitable using with MIG/MAG Welding Machine

Fighter Filler “304”
Grade 304 (18/8)
-Material 304 equivalent with standard AISI, JIS, DIN
-Soft wire, easy for melting and welding, tie wire and etc.
-Suitable for general work, maintenance with low impact requirement
-Suitable for economical project
-Suitable using with TIG Argon welding machine