Made to order

Stainless Wedge Grating from MENAM Stainless suitable for indoor use and inside the bathroom. With the expertise design and production of triangular stainless steel (Wedge) that are smooth, not sharp, not slippery, so they can be used safely in the house and inside the building.


  • Excellent for dividing wet-dry areas
  • Used to block the threshold for elderly bathroom to support the use of wheelchairs
  • Helps to smooth & flatter floor
  • Drain water faster, the floor dries quickly, then reducing the risk of falling from slippery
  • Used as a shower drain and floor drain, helping to store and drain faster
  • Can use the kitchen, balcony, ramp safely
  • Stainless steel material will not rust if properly used and maintained
  • Indoor & outdoor
  • corrosion resistant & durable
  • Low maintenance cost

Suggested Area

Choosing suitable grades

Grade 304

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Normal environment not high corrosion

Grade 316L (Marine)

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Environment is highly corrosive
  • Seaside area
  • Frequent cleaning with strong chemicals
  • Food & beverage production area

304 W5H6 Slot 5


304 W3H462 Slot 3



Concrete Angle

Stainless Angle (Only 316, 316L)