Made to order

Stainless Wedge Grating from MENAM Stainless can be modified to use as needed.

There are no limitations of application with the outstanding material benefits which provide smooth & flat surface, air and water flow including loading capability. MENAM provides design and consulting team before and after sales service to customers.

Customized work from Wedge Grating

  • Curved grating, Outdoor Grating
  • Grating around the tree / Tree Grating
  • Modified using stainless and tile (Tile Insert)
  • Designed as bench for outdoor use
  • Strainer for tea making or coffee maker
  • Filter work, filter screen for food, beverages and other industries
  • Tailor-made work, welding and other forms of assembly

Benefits of grating 304 & 316L

  • Closing the overflow gutter to have a smooth floor but can drain water
  • Choose a wide opening for stone on-top avoiding rust and Lasts longer than steel and plastic
  • Can be used both indoor & outdoor
  • corrosion resistant, durable
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Heel safe when using gap (slot opening 3, 5 mm.)
  • Suitable for public areas, schools, hospitals, department stores, hotels, resorts, golf courses, etc.
  • Made to order size

Choosing suitable stainless Wedge grating grades

Grade 304

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Normal environment not high corrosion

Grade 316L (Marine)

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Environment is highly corrosive
  • Seaside area
  • Frequent cleaning with strong chemicals
  • Food & beverage production area

304 W5H6 Slot 5


304 W5H6 Slot 10


316L W485H6 Slot 5


316L W485H6 Slot 10



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