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Stainless Wedge Grating from MENAM Stainless suitable for outdoor usage when compared with other materials because stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, resistant to sunlight, resistant to rain and severe environment. Stainless does not rust if used and maintain correctly. Durable and long service life for many decades. Therefore, it is often chosen for use outside instead of steel or plastic materials.

With the expertise design and production of stainless steel Triangle shape (Wedge) used to produce a stainless grating. This characteristic allows the grate to have a wider drainage area, thus making water drain faster than other shapes. It also provides other benefits e.g. neatness, not sharp, not slippery and easy to clean and low maintenance cost.


  • Smooth and flatter floor but water can flow easily
  • corrosion resistant & long service life
  • Durable and low maintenance cost
  • Heel safe when using gap (slot opening 3, 5 mm.)
  • Suitable for public areas, schools, hospitals, department stores, hotels, resorts, golf courses, etc.

Choosing suitable stainless Wedge grating grades

Grade 304

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Normal environment not high corrosion

Grade 316L (Marine)

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Environment is highly corrosive
  • Seaside area
  • Frequent cleaning with strong chemicals
  • Food & beverage production area

304 W5H6 Slot 5


304 W5H6 Slot 10


316L W485H6 Slot 5


316L W485H6 Slot 10



Concrete Angle

Stainless Angle

Stainless Channel