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Explore more about stainless decoration with MENAM STAINLESS at “ARCHITECT 2016”

MENAM shows colorful stainless grating and other decoration items such as stainless weaving, stainless grating natural color and powder coated grating. Also other new items such as stainless grating air conditioning grilles, Floor Drain, and others.

MENAM Booth at Challenger Hall, Pillar Q10

Powder Coated Stainless Grating

Colorful Powder Coated Stainless grating is the alternative choice for designer. They give new atmostphere but still offering the full stainless steel qualifications both strengthness and environmental friendly.

Air conditioning grilles also available in many colors.

Stainless Weaving, new material for decoration which can be used as stainless weaving partition, facade, sun shading which could be used indoor and outdoor with genuine stainless grade 304.

Stainless Decoration wire and bar can be used for unlimited design.

Partition with stainless decoration profile

Stainless grating floor drain offer esthetic looks with great performance with was made from triangle wire. Now available in two standard model 4″x4″ (102x102mm.) and

Stainless Grating Floor Drain Stainless Grating Floor Drain

MENAM also offers stainless steel bird protection with genuine stainless grade 304 together with stainless installation sets.

Stainless Fighter

MENAM Bird Fighter MENAM Bird Fighter

MENAM also shows standard design and favorit sizes at the booth until May 1st, 2016.Or contact our sales team at email;,